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I previously mentioned some mesh bags and pouches you can use to carry your non-liquid toiletries in your travels.

I just returned from a quick run to an office supply store and was reminded of one of the cheapest and most convenient “toiletry kit” pouches around: The pencil pouch.

The Pencil Pouch from Staples.
The Pencil Pouch from Staples.

You can find pencil pouches in most office supply stores, but during this time of year as we creep into the “start of school” sales, you will likely find these in most larger box stores for a very affordable price.

Most of these types of pencil pouches have holes to put them in a 3-ring binder, and they all have a straight-across zipper. They come in a variety of colors, and many of them also have a loop or keyring for hanging.

About the only real difference other than color is in the front panel: Some have an open-air mesh format, while others use clear plastic. Some use both.

Either way, these pencil pouches are realtively small, but are long enough to fit things like eyeliner pencils and eyeshadow brushes. They are not pleated, but you should easily be able to fit most of your non-liquid toiletries in them just fine.

Best of all, when these are empty, they lie completely flat. They’re so cheap you might even consider using one of these to create your own in-flight amenity kit, with eyeshades, ear plugs, socks, and such.

When looking for a pencil pouch to use as a toiletry kit, make sure the zipper works pretty smoothly, and that the sides are hemmed well. These items are imported from overseas and don’t go through the same quality-control scrutiny you would see with expensive cosmetics bags.

Happy packing!

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  1. I really enjoy your posts! As a recent one-bag convert, I have found your blog to be full of informative tips that I have already put into practice. Thanks again!

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