Will you be opting out this weekend?

Website Infowars.com has declared this Thanksgiving week as “Out Opt and Film Week,” similar to an opt-out protest held two years ago around TSA check-points at U.S. airports.

Website Infowars.com is rallying its readers to opt out of full-image scanners for Thanksgiving week.

To be honest, I hadn’t heard about this protest until I read about from Christopher Elliott’s post at Huffington Post. I know why people want to opt out of backscatter machines. They’re untested, apparently thwartable, too expensive (over a quarter million dollars each), and lend themselves to the security theater that people consider an airport security check is. The protest being called for this week is designed to cause bottlenecks, to make a point.

In the many times I’ve flown, I’ve only gone through a backscatter machine once. All other times, instead of opting out, I try to seek out the queue that leads to the older metal detectors. Will I opt out of a backscatter machine? I’m flying this weekend on a direct flight. I likely won’t be running late, so I might consider it. Or I might just try to get into the queue that leads to the older machines. I’m just not sure making a fuss about it at the airport is an effective way to protest.  What do you think?

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