Wall Street Journal Recommends Packing Light to Deal With Delayed Flights

The Wall Street Journal has just published an article called “Sly Ways to Beat Delayed Flights” to deal with flight delays and cancellations, particularly in light of all of the issues American Airlines is currently facing.

In the article, they include an infographic that recommends:

  • Getting to the airline counter as fast as possible to make alternate arrangements (although I would personally recommend start by phoning the airline’s toll-free number)
  • Knowing your rights about what you are entitled to when you are stranded overnight (to get a hotel room)
  • Asking for (and being able to get) a cash refund
  • Avoiding checking any bags in so you can quickly switch to a different flight (especially if it means a different airline)
  • Joining the airline’s airport lounge clubs to get access to the front-line reps at the club’s counter.

Traveling lightly is generally a good rule to go by, but when you’re using an airline that is known for delays or flight cancellations, it makes particularly sense to be on your feet and have all your things with you.

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