Tripwolf Travel Guide Apps Available for Free

Sharp-eyed traveler Moriond noticed that a series of travel guide apps from Tripwolf are currently available for free on the iTunes app store. She posted this news over on the Tom Bihn forums yesterday, but it looks like the apps are still available today.

These guides are normally $5.99, which is somewhat hefty for a single app.  It also looks like Tripwolf has its own generic travel guide app, within which you could make in-app purchases for these different destinations.

Be careful when you tap to download these; although a number of them are free, not all of their guides are free, so some of them will still cost you $5.99. Those that are currently listing as free are:

Apps that are $5.99 include:

  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Bern
  • Budapest
  • Chicago
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Los Angeles
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • San Francisco
  • Vancouver, BC

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