Product Review: Silk Feet Bladeless Exfoliating Microscreen

Once in a while I come across a product that just makes me go, “Hey, that’s pretty cool!”

I was at the Bed, Bath & Beyond box store earlier today when I came across a product called “Silk Feet.” Silk Feet is an exfoliator designed to “sand” the ugly cracked skin on your heels.

What a package of a SilkFeet foot exfoliator looks like.

If you’ve used one of those egg-shaped PedEgg heel files, the concept with Silk Feet is similar. However instead of a hard rasp-like surface like you get with the PedEgg, Silk Feet uses a flexible netting surface that looks a lot like window screening. When you touch it, though, you can instantly tell that the surface is really rough.

The PedEgg stores your skin’s “eraser crumbs” in the round holder area, whereas Silk Feet just holds onto the crumbs in the netting until the screen gets full. Then all you need to do is tap the Silk Feet in a trash can. When you’re done, you just rinse the Silk Feet under the faucet, tap it a few times to get the excess water off, and it’s ready to put away.

SilkFeet out of its packaging so you can see how it looks. Image from SilkFeet's Facebook page.

You’re probably asking why I’m reviewing a foot exoliator on this blog. Easy: Unlike the PedEgg, the Silk Feet exfoliator is super thin. It’s slightly larger than the size of your palm, and you can easily slip this into your make-up bag. If you’re the type that likes to pamper yourself while on your trip (maybe a relaxing bath in the hotel room), take one of these Silk Feet exfoliators with you for smooth, pretty heels. Plus, I know some people who think PedEggs look too much like a Microplane, and they don’t want to do that to their feet.

I just gave it a whirl, and I can definitely recommend Silk Feet. It’s way more effective than any pumice stone or brush you can use, and in my opinion, works as well as the PedEgg. And since the surface of Silk Feet is flexible, you can also easily exfoliate the calloused skin around your toes and whatnot without worrying about rasping any soft skin away by mistake. I’ll be tucking this one in my make-up bag for my next vacation trip.

Cost is only around $6, so it’s definitely affordable.

You can purchase this directly from their website at, although according to their Facebook page, they sent a huge shipment out to Bed, Bath & Beyond, so you might want to look there if you have a store near you.

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