Endangered Species Alert: Tom Bihn Crimson Tri-Star

If you’re a fan of Tom Bihn’s popular Tri-Star travelpack like I am and you’ve been thinking of getting yourself one of them in the red crimson version, you better order yours now.

Crimson Tri-Star from Tom Bihn in Seattle.

Crimson Tri-Star from Tom Bihn in Seattle.

Earlier today, the folks at Tom Bihn tweeted that they’d shipped their very last one in indigo, and that they just had a few left in crimson.

So if you wanted one in their really pretty indigo blue, you’re out of luck… but if you wanted their red one, the clock’s ticking!

Of course as with most things Tom Bihn, there’s a good side to all this; if you’re willing to sit back an see what might be happening, you’ll be excited to know that they’ll be introducing brand new Tri-Star colors “in the coming months.”

Given that they actually have a wide range of colors on their Cordura fabrics (like wasabi green, plum purple, and cocoa brown), who knows what they’ll come up with next? Any of them would make a great option, and for people who love their Cafe shoulder bags, you might even be able to find one to match colors!

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