Lands’ End: 40% off highest priced item, >$75, Free shipping

Kevin over at the Practical Hacks blog has posted a fantastic deal, but you have to jump on it right away. Lands’ End is offering targeted sales of 40 percent off an item in their online catalog, which means you can purchase their travelpack for an amazing price of less than $38. Kevin has posted a screenshot of the price breakdown:

Although the bag is priced at $62.99, the coupon price works because the bag was originally priced at $79.50.

The link Kevin provided is here. He wasn’t sure if the coupon code would be valid for anyone else but it’s definitely worth a try. Just be aware this expires on Monday, December 13, so you need to check it out right away.

I followed the link, and got notified that the coupon was going to be applied to my purchase, so hopefully it’s valid for anyone who uses the link. The coupon code is DEC13, with PIN code 1118.

If you’re looking for a soft-sided convertible travelpack at a great price, here’s your chance!

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