Spirit Airlines gets bagged

It wasn’t but a couple of months ago that Spirit Airlines caused travelers to gasp in horror when it introduced a new $45 bag fee–for carry-on luggage. Their logic was that the aisles would be less crowded during boarding, and there would be a lot of room in the overhead bin.

Personally, I thought it was a horrendous idea. In my opinion, the solution was not to charge people to use the overhead bin; it was to strictly enforce the size rule for carry-ons. How often do we see people with rolling uprights that are obviously too large; their hard-sided structures not allowing people to slide their bags in sideways?

Well, perhaps the inane rule wasn’t the only thing they mismanaged. Apparently they didn’t treat their pilots well, either. As of today, Spirit flights are grounded due to a pilot walkout, and Spirit just announced that they’ve cancelled all their flights for the next couple of days due to the walkout.

Time for new management, I say. And while we’re at it, repeal that stupid carry-on fee.

PS: For those of you loyal readers, my apologies for being absent these last months. I’m still around!

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