Bath and Body Works toiletries and Moleskine Volants

I went on a weekend getaway to Pismo Beach—perfect little spot. In addition to an afternoon on a walking tour of Hearst Castle, one of the things I did was visit San Luis Obispo’s downtown area, with its little coffee shops and retail stores geared towards the college students from nearby Cal Poly SLO.

One of the shops I visited was Bath and Body Works. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a relatively common retail store in shopping malls, and they sell nothing but toiletries. I always assumed they were a Body Shop knock-off, but their prices are actually considerably more reasonable.

Near the cash register, they had a big stand filled with little two-ounce travel-sized bottles of their products. Shampoos, lotions, conditioners and what have you. The big sign above the stand said “$1.” A dollar for a bottle—what a deal!

According to the salesperson there, this great dollar sale was officially ending today (Sunday); however, she said there was a chance that they would be allowed to continue their dollar sales in the stores because the two-ounce bottles were being replaced by three-ounce versions.

A two-ounce bottle of shower gel from Bath and Body Works. All of their bottles have the signature “cinched waist” near the top. Pick up these 2-ouncers while they’re on sale, and before they’re replaced with the giganto 3-ouncers. Image from Bath and Body Works.

“Three ounces is what you can carry with you at the airport,” the salesperson told me proudly.

So… you can wait until Bath and Body Works starts carrying the three-ounce bottles, or if you have a chance, visit your nearby store to see if theys till have the dollar sale. A buck is actually a pretty good deal for two full ounces, and they usually carry quite a few different fragrances and styles. Once the three-ounce bottles are introduced in the stores, I suspect they will probably sell for about $5 each, which I think is a little too expensive for little bottles.

Right now if you go to their Web site, they have a “3 for $5 Travel Sized Signature Collection” sale. The price isn’t quite as good as a dollar, but that’s not a bad deal at all.

Moleskine Volant notebooks hit store shelves in the U.S. Image from

A few people have reminded me (and I have confirmed) that the colorful softcover Moleskine Volant notebooks have made it to the shelves of both Borders as well as Barnes & Noble in the US. If you were hoping to pick up these little notebooks, visit your nearest box book store!


  1. As it happens, I was in a B&BW this weekend. Judging by what they had out for sale, I think they are changing their packaging. So all the stuff in the packaging that looks like your photo were on sale. Full-sized bottles that go for over $10 were all on sale for $5. Judging by how much was left at the store near me on Saturday, they’ll probably extend the sale – I’d imagine they simply need to get rid of their existing inventory to make way for the new stuff.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Volants! I live in the Australian Outback and obviously don’t have access to a lot of shops. Thankfully, I was able to stock up at a Borders store in Melbourne. They also have layout, watercolor, and manuscript paper books for when plain paper just won’t cut it. They are super light weight and I look forward to traveling with them in future.

  3. I have been looking for Old Spice aftershave lotion but could not fin any in any store. Are they still making it ? Please let me know which store carries it. Thank you.

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