Election Day Packing List

Although I keep politics out of the Travelite FAQ, the past year and a half or so has been a truly eye-opening experience for me as America prepares to vote for the next leader.

If you are registered but have yet to vote—especially if you’re in a swing state like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida—you should expect lines to be very long. Don’t let the long lines discourage you; please stay in line, and please vote. It is the one voice you have, and together, our country is a wonderful choir of different voices.

Today’s post is a very different kind of packing list published at the Jack and Jill Politics blog:

Before you go to vote

  • Confirm polling location: not always same as primary / caucus location. Check @ http://govote.org
  • Print out voting rights: know phone numbers, rules, etc. Check out http://bit.ly/print-voting-rights
  • Save election protection numbers in your cell:
    • 866-OUR-VOTE / 866-687-8683
    • Espanol 888-VE-Y-VOTA / 888-839-8682
    • Asian languages: 800-966-5946
  • Check weather
  • Note nearby public bathrooms

Voting day packing list

  • Avoid political buttons or campaign-related clothing
  • Bring I.D. just in case — see your state’s ID requirements here

(for yourself or others)…

  • Bottled water. snacks
  • Umbrella / trash: bags in case of rain.
  • Jacket: in case of cold or to cover campaign clothing
  • Folding chairs: for the tired, the injured, the elders
  • Camera: to document fraud or simply history. share with Video The Vote or YouTube’s Video Your Vote project.

Activities to pass the time waiting in line

  • Be alert for scams! for example, if somebody suggest you can “vote by phone” to avoid the line, they’re lying—call the hotline to report it
  • Play six degrees of kevin bacon
  • Remember favorite campaign moments
  • Sing civil rights songs
  • Make up new dances
  • Meet your neighbors!


  • If you have problems voting, call the hotline numbers (1-866-OUR-VOTE / 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA)
  • Femember that voting with a provisional ballot is better than not voting at all
  • If you are in line when the polls close, you are still allowed to vote

Go vote, America.

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