European trip packing update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and we leave for Europe tomorrow.

In the meantime, we went to our local post office this evening to use their Automatic Postal Center machine to weigh our carry-on bags so that we could meet the stringent weight restrictions on Virgin Atlantic. The verdict?

My bag: 12 pounds .40 ounces.

Alex’s bag: 11 pounds .20 ounces.

We are both safely within the 13-pound limit. Cross-checking the stuff we are carrying with Rick Steves’ recommended packing list, the only thing we aren’t carrying is our bathing suits.

I must say, I’m quite impressed.

…but no, no photos for now. Everything’s packed up and I don’t want to open the bags up until we have to.

But it looks like we made it!


  1. Lani – Congratulations! When you get back I’d love to see your packing list, what you wore Vs what you packed, and how you packed it. For example, did you use zip-lock bags instead of packing cubes? I think sometimes the devil is in the details and I’m looking forward to seeing how you did it. I’m absolutely sure there is something to be learned.

  2. Lani, Congrats! That is AMAZING! Did you and your hubby decide to use the Outdoor Products Essential Carryon travelpacks? I know you’d mentioned that you had an old one, what do you think of the new ones and how do they compare? And I’m sure like everyone else, I would love to see pics and both of your packing lists when you return!

    Enjoy the trip, and again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations! Several years ago I started traveling light because of your website. I began with a Travelpro wheeled carry-on and now travel with the Outdoor Products bag. At first I didn’t believe it but you CAN travel with only a carry-on. Pictures would be great.

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