…and if you want to travel light with your suit

Besides selling a basic travelpack for a low $29.99, Campmor also sells another travel bag you might be interested in if you have to travel with suits.

The garment bag folds up and looks a lot like a regular travel pack. Photo from Campmor.

The High Sierra brand Tri Fold Garment Bag is like most garment bags except that it folds in threes instead of in half, and once folded, can be carried like a backpack with its backpack straps. If it means you don’t have to carry two rolling uprights (one for your clothes and another for your laptop), all the better.

Folded, the size is 22″ x 16″ x 3.5″. A little tall but if you don’t stuff it like a Thanksgiving turkey I suspect most domestic carriers won’t give you any hassles; especially considering how much taller most garment bags are. Not quite as cheap as their regular travelpack, but at $39.95 it’s not a bad deal at all.


  1. Lani, that bag looks interesting. Have you actually seen or tested one? How are the construction and quality, overall?


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