Packing light in the news

Two newspapers recently published articles about packing light.

The first, titled “Travel light and elude fees with a well-packed carry-on,” is a standalone list-based article by Chantal Lamers that ran today (July 22, 2008) in the The Orange County Register. The article is based on an interview Chantal had with me, and should serve as a nice list of tips as you learn how to pack lightly.

The second is a more comprehensive set of articles under the banner, “The Art of Traveling Light,” which published this past Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle. Staff writer John Flinn has put together a number of short, helpful articles, including:

Nothing completely new in these articles if you are already familiar with our travelite philosophy, but presented in little nuggets they are quite handy.

It’s also quite nice to see mainstream media give credence to this topic, which has traditionally belonged on the fringes. You should’ve seen the looks I used to get from people when I told them you could travel extensively out of one bag.

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