Welcome to the updated Travelite FAQ!

If you’re visiting here now (as in, mid-2008), it’s probably because you’ve been hearing about all the new rules the airlines have started implementing for charging us a fee for our first piece of checked luggage. While I normally don’t check in any luggage myself, I think this policy is preposterous, and I think airlines are completely misguided if they think this is the way they could recover some of their costs.

That said, now more than ever, it makes sense to learn how to travel lightly!

I’ve moved out of the 20th Century and right into the contemporary internets with a blog-focused format, which will let me post more frequently.

If you’ve been a reader of my site for a long time (and I think we’re going over 10 years now), welcome back!

More shortly.

In the meantime (until I figure out where I want to link stuff from), if you are looking for my older content, please visit my archive page.

— Lani


  1. Thanks for bringing back this site! The previous version was extremely helpful as I prepared to one-bag a trip to Vancouver earlier this year. The airline separated my companions from their baggage and I was the only one who had everything with me. Thanks again!

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